Metal Workshop

The metal workshop consists of four sub – workshops, i.e. sheet-metal, blacksmith, foundry and welding workshops. Sheet metal shop provides the guidance and the support for sheet metal work of the university community. It has,

  • two shear cutters
  • one squaring shearing machine
  • one folding machine
  • one rolling machine
  • various types of supporting tools and
  • number of hand tools

The blacksmith shop provides tempering, riveting and forging services for the students of the department. It is operated under highly skilled demonstrators and blacksmiths and it has two smith’s furnaces along with the tools and equipment that are commonly used in blacksmith work.

Foundry has a diesel furnace (300 kg) and a coal furnace (which one is the cupola furnace? include) along with skilled and experienced technicians to assist students in their projects and practical sessions. Moreover the foundry is engaged in most of the maintenance works of the university in metal casting and willing to extend their services to the industries as well.

The welding shop of the department provides its guidance for the students in welding and gas cutting. It has,

  • oxy-fuel welding
  • arc welding and
  • spot welding facilities

It has its own skilled welders for the guidance of the students when needed in their practical sessions and project activities.

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