University Of Moratuwa Tops International Robotics Challenge (IRC) At Techfest 2015


Techfest is the annual science and technology festival organized by IIT Bombay since 1998. Being the largest technological university in South Asian region, IIT Bombay initiated International Robotics Challenge (IRC) to provide a platform for young mater minds to robotize creative concepts.


Electronic Club of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ENTC) in University of Moratuwa organized IRC zonal qualifying round in Sri Lanka with supervision and guidance from the Department of ENTC. Objective of the challenge was to develop an intelligent autonomous robot and a manual controllable robot which completes a specific number of tasks within a shortest period of time including crossing obstacles, climbing over inclines, solving a grid to find the optimum path, transporting and placing boxes to clear the way through the grid, and shooting at a target.


Robots developed by the team from University of Moratuwa which consisted one student from Department of Mechanical Engineering and four students from Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering were remarkably successful to achieve the objective within 1 minute and 40 seconds. Team became runners-up in the zonal qualifying rounds and topped the international challenge held from 2nd to 4th January 2015 at IIT Bombay, competing with 10 countries.


Team from Moratuwa substantiated the superiority of knowledge and coordination of departments in the University.

Winning team members of IRC 2015;


  • Nushen Senevirathna (MECH)

  • Chanaka Singhabahu (ENTC)

  • Tharindu Kaluarachchi (ENTC)

  • Danushka Damruwan (ENTC)

  • Randika Prabudda (ENTC)

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