Academic Staff Profiles

Mr. Anuradha Herath



Teaching and Administrative Work: 

Manufacturing Engineering, Automotive Engineering

Research Activities : 

Manufacturing Engineering,  Automotive Engineering

Education and Training : 

Bsc Eng (Hons)

Career : 

Bsc Eng (Hons)

Honours and Awards : 

Bsc Eng (Hons)

Publications : 

  1. N.D. Jayaweera, H.M.R.A. Herath, P.A.P. Madushanka, H.P.C. Sampath, J.H.A.S. Jayamaha.’ “Development of a best-fit algorithm for feature based assembly”, In Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (IEEE MERCon). May 2017. DOI : 10.1109/MERCon.2017.7980482
  2. Herath H.M.R.A., Jayaweera N.D., Sanjeewa I, Perera K.., “An Investigation of compliant parts deformation during handling operations”, In Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Symposium. (IEEE MIES) Colombo, Sri Lanka. Oct. 2016, DOI: 10.1109/MIES.2016.7780269
  3. Randeny V.R., Herath H.M.R.A., De Silva S., Jayaweera N.D. “Development of an electric drive system for conventional automobiles”,InProceedings of International Research and Technical Symposium. (IRTS) (pp.71-75) Colombo, Sri Lanka. Nov. 2015

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