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Appointment of New Head of Department for Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. R.A.R.C. Gopura was appointed as the new Head of Department for Department of Mechanical Engineering (DOME) with effective from 1st of March 2017. Dr. Gopura has been a Senior Lecturer at DOME since 2010 and has made vast contributions towards the fields of assistive robots and rehabilitation robotics. After obtaining B.Sc. Engineering (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Moratuwa, he obtained Masters from University of Moratuwa, studied for Doctorate in robotics and intelligent systems at Saga University, Japan in 2009. He conducts lectures in biomedical engineering and robotics related modules to undergraduate students and supervises postgraduate students on related topics.

M.Eng./PG Diploma in Energy Technology (DEADLINE EXTENDED till 07th JULY 2017)

The whole world faces a daunting array of energy & environment related challenges. Therefore, the energy sector should be analyzed in isolation, but with interrelation to environment and society. For such analysis, a sound knowledge on all the related areas and associated skills are vital not only for technical aspects of energy but also for managing, advising and policy making in the sector, through well-structured and planned educational framework.

University of Moratuwa Among the Best 33 Conference Papers at the IEEE SENSORS Conference 2016 - Orlando, USA

A paper titled “Design and Development of a Novel 3D Printed 1-DOF Tactile Sensor with Conductive Polymer Based Sensing Element” presented at the 2016 IEEE SENSORS Conference held from October 30th to November 2nd in Orlando, USA was selected as one of the best 33 papers and authors have received monetary award from IEEE Sensors Council for their novel approach of designing and fabricating tactile sensor using 3D printers.

Mechanical Engineering Staff Participation Highlights at Sri Lanka Government Services Badminton Championship 2016

Higher education is not limited to academic but also the skills and talents within people. Highlighting non-academic capabilities of academic staff members of Sri Lankan government universities, the Combined University Team which was led by Dr. Thilina Lalitharatne, a senior lecturer at Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the "Men's A division" Sri Lanka Government Services Badminton Championship 2016 that was held on 28,29 and 20th November 2016 at Mercantile Badminton Association Indoor Stadium.


University of Moratuwa is passionate in producing engineers with balanced skills to meet industrial technology requirements. Department of Mechanical Engineering (DOME) aims in producing high quality and skilled mechanical engineers for last 44 years.



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