A Visit to Share Researches at Sugano Lab, Waseda University

Dr. Mitsuhiro Kamezaki from the Research Institute for Science and Engineering of Waseda University, Japan visited the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 24th May 2016 to give a special invited lecture for final year undergraduates on ‘Design of Intelligent Human-Machine Systems focusing on Human- Machine Interface’.

Dr. Mitsuhiro Kamezaki received BS, MS, and Doctor of Engineering degrees from Waseda University. He was a research associate in Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering and then an assistant professor in the Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Waseda University.

Design of human-machine interfaces is of utmost importance because it largely affects the performance of human-machine systems. The presentation well explained various types of human machine-interface systems in different fields, ways of modelling human-machine systems and methodologies of recognition, learning, and adaptation. Depth of experience through years of research and specialized knowledge of Dr. Kamezaki induced enthusiasm in undergraduates towards Human-Machine Systems making the day intellectually very effective.

UoM alumnus Mr. Udara Manawadu, who is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Sugano lab, Waseda University coordinated the visit to establish an academic collaboration between two universities in near future.  

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