University of Moratuwa Among the Best 33 Conference Papers at the IEEE SENSORS Conference 2016 - Orlando, USA

A paper titled “Design and Development of a Novel 3D Printed 1-DOF Tactile Sensor with Conductive Polymer Based Sensing Element” presented at the 2016 IEEE SENSORS Conference held from October 30th to November 2nd in Orlando, USA was selected as one of the best 33 papers and authors have received monetary award from IEEE Sensors Council for their novel approach of designing and fabricating tactile sensor using 3D printers. 

Nowadays tactile sensors provide vital information of robotics, manufacturing, and day to day household electronic appliances where off the shelf force sensors are generally not cohesive to specific industrial applications and/or consumer requirements, resulting subsequently in sensor modules with unsuitable dimensionality, output characteristics, and mechanical properties. Addressing these concerns 3D printing was utilised and integrated to design and develop a highly customisable tactile sensor. The inherent problems in conductive polymer piezoresistive characteristics such as operation range deviation with respect to chemical composition has mitigated.        

This research was primarily conducted by Mr. A.H.T. Eranga De Silva, Mr. W.H.P. Sampath, Mr. N.H.L. Sameera as an undergraduate research project under supervision of Dr. Y.W.Ranjith Amarasinghe from the Department of Mechanical Engineering-UOM and extended with the help of Mr. T.D.I. Udayanga from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr.V.S.C. Weragoda from Department of Materials Engineering-UOM and Prof. A. Mitani from Sapporo City University, Japan.


D:\Mehcanical department\FYP\Publication\Publication about the sensor\Web page article\20161122_111603.jpgD:\Mehcanical department\FYP\Publication\Publication about the sensor\Web page article\20161122_112232.jpg

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