Team SHARK grabs three awards at IMechE Formula Student 2016

In its first ever Formula Student competition, Team Shark of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Moratuwa, marked its entry in style by winning 3 outstanding awards at IMechE - Formula Student 2016. The competition, which was held from 14th17th July at the Silverstone Circuit, UK, featured the participation of over 100 teams from leading universities across the globe. Team SHARK rejoiced a stunning debut by winning awards for the ‘Best Newcomer – Class 1’ and ‘Dedication to Formula Student’. Induwara Munasinghe from Team SHARK was awarded with the ‘Best Individual Driver Award’ for his outstanding skills.

Formula Student is one of the most established motorsport competitions for university undergraduates across the globe and is backed by renowned industrial and professional engineers in the motorsport industry. Teams of students worldwide, were tasked with designing and building a single-seat racing car in order to compete in static and dynamic events.

The competition is conducted under two categories: Classes 1 and 2. Class 2 focuses on design presentations and costing while the more challenging Class 1, requires teams to build a formula car in addition to other design presentations. Each team car must undergo rigorous testing procedures, both static and dynamic. Design, Cost and Sustainability, Business Presentation Judging, Technical and Safety Scrutineering, Tilt Test and Brake and Noise Test were carried out under static events while dynamic events included Skid Pad, Fuel Economy, Acceleration, Sprint and Endurance tests.

Team SHARK’s journey into Formula Student began in 2013 as they began the project to design and manufacture a single seat open-wheel drive car, under the supervision and guidance from faculty members of Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 2016, DOME collaborated with DIMO PLC and provided SHARK with financial assistance, fabrication facilities and testing facilities which made their dream a reality.

Team SHARK was supervised by Mr. Sasiranga De Silva, Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Moratuwa.

Members of Team SHARKS are as follows

·         Mr. Harshana Kelasha (Team Leader)

·         Mr. Rajive Wisidagama

·         Mr. Chathura Semasinghe

·         Mr. Sajith Edirisinghe

·         Mr. Nushen Senivirathna

·         Mr. Rukmal Dhanushka

·         Mr. Praneeth Weerathunga

·         Mr. Isuru Mudalige

·         Mr. Induwara Munasinghe

·         Mr. Amith Mudugamuwa

·         Mr. Buddhi Herath

·         Ms. Sachithra Atapattu

·         Mr. Shameen Kamburugamuwa

·         Mr. Navoda Lakshan

·         Mr. Jaliya Chinthaka

·         Mr. Buddhika De Alwis

·         Mr. Kasun Harshana

·         Mr. Thushara Sandakalum

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