The Resumption of the DOME Research Seminar

The DOME research seminar took place at Mechanical Engineering Seminar room on 6th November 2012. Mr. Pubudu Welgama, Research assistant and postgraduate student at DOME came up with an interesting presentation on “Development and Clinical Testing of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device”. Mr Welgama shared his experience on developing a fully automatic NPWT device with low power consumption. The device has been clinically tested to evaluate its performance and it has proven to heal wounds, which cannot be treated using conventional methods.

The device is user-friendly and can even be operated by a non-technical medical person. In  clinical tests, the machine operated continuously for long hours proving its reliability. Compared with other locally developed devices, the device developed in the current study is portable and  can be operated using batteries. The efforts of Mr Welgama and his team were highly appreciated by the gathering.


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