RAE ’10 - A Night to Remember

There were many memorable events held in the history of the DOME but not like RAE ’10; annual batch night organized by the final year students of ’10 batch. It was specifically dedicated for the students of ’12 while giving a unique opportunity for undergraduates of two batches to interact with each other and share their past memories as one family.

REA ’10 was organized in the concept of “Padura” while opening the doors to our proud Srilankan culture. It was held in December 2014 at Old Gym where decorated like an ancient rural village. To enhance the cultural beauty of it, all participants were dressed in traditional clothes. All the participants including the staff were warmly welcomed by members of ‘10 Batch by presenting a souvenir. ‘RAE ‘10’ was filled with plenty of songs performed by the students as well as the staff members, which fulfilled the thirst for music of the gathering. From the beginning to the end, brotherhood between two batches and the unity among students and the staff were clearly highlighted. All participants were amazed to witness the hidden talents of Mech family and enjoyed to the utmost throughout the night.

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