As it has been a long held tradition along the career of Mechanical Engineering Department, MECH CRICKET FIESTA was once again held, with animmeasurable support from the entire department, once again enlightening the audience of the true spirit of departmental brotherhood.

The annual cricket encounter of Mechanical Engineering Department was held on 18th June of 2015 at University Ground. This is one of the major events that UMMES (University of Moratuwa, Mechanical Engineering Society) organizes along the year. This time, the responsibility of organizing the event and honoring the long held tradition was bestowed upon Level II (’13 Batch).

A friendly cricket match was played between two teams of undergraduates and staff members. The staff team consisted of senior lecturers and non academic staff members who looked forward to participating in this event.

Along with a friendly football match that all the batches could participate, the tournament of limited over cricket matches were played between teams built selecting members from each batch. Through the knockout series, the final round was played between the teams of ’11Batch and ’12Batch,where the team from ’12 Batch claimed victory.

The welcome speech was given by Dr. (Mrs.) M.M.I.D Manthilake while the keynote speech was delivered by Dr. W.K. Wimalsiri, Head of the Department. The award ceremony was addressed by Mr. R.K.P.S Ranaweera representing academic staff of the Department. Vote of Thanks was extended by Kalinga Nisal from’12 Batch.

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