Kick Off Meeting of the Mentoring Program

“The only source of knowledge is experience” ~ Albert Einstein

Stepping beyond conventional routines, Department of Mechanical Engineering held the inaugural meeting of ‘Mentoring Program’ on 4th August 2015in University premises. Program is specially designed with the purpose to improve quality and soft skills of the undergraduates in the Department.

Mentoring program is to be conducted in 2 stages in order to provide opportunity for undergraduates to obtain the maximum benefit of it. First stage of the program is mentoring through senior academic staff and the second stage is mentoring through engineers who were graduated from the Department and currently working as Mechanical Engineers in the industry. Undergraduates are suppose to identify and develop skills which cannot be taught through academic studies but are really important to survive in the competitive world.

Dr.(Mrs.) Anusha Wijewardane, pioneer of initiating the mentoring program addressed the gathering and explained the aim and objectives of the program. Accordingly in first stage of the program, senior academic staff of the Department will guide the undergraduates to develop their skills related to future careers. The second stage of the program will motivate undergraduates to develop their skills which are not directly related to academics but which are very helpful to identify the challenges to be faced in future when start working in the industry.

Dr.W.K. Wimalsiri (Head of the Department) shared his valuable experience with students which on balancing life with the academic career.

Keynote speaker of the session, Dr. A.G.T. Sugathapala discussed about issues among the students as well as the schedule of the mentoring program. Experience he shared on his school career, university life and in overseas had multiple learning points for the students.

Academic staff members; Dr. R.A.R.C.Gopura, Dr. Y.W.R. Amarasinghe, Dr. Thilina Lalitharathne Dr.(Mrs) M.M.I.D. Manthilake and Mr. L.U. Subasinghe were present at the session. Student Representative of ’12 Batch, Mr. D.R.D. Liyanage delivered the vote of thanks.

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