External Review of Department of Mechanical Engineering

For the next four-year period, department is going to obtain IESL accreditation which is under the standards of IMechE (UK). An external review was held as a step for this process.

The external review was conducted by Prof. Richard Stobart, (MA(Hons). FIMechE) Emeritus Professor of Engineering at Loughborough University. During the review, students were interviewed and drawbacks of current curriculum were examined; Laboratory facilities and evaluation methods were reviewed. Further, library, sports and other available facilities were observed. The review outcome will help to maintain the quality of output from department. New batches to Department of Mechanical Engineering will be able to harvest from this review and accreditation process.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa always maintain its quality of the output to the mechanical engineering field. Currently, department has standards from Washington accord accreditation for 2017.

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