University of Moratuwa is passionate in producing engineers with balanced skills to meet industrial technology requirements. Department of Mechanical Engineering (DOME) aims in producing high quality and skilled mechanical engineers for last 44 years.

The Department-Industry Consultative Board (DICB) of 2016 gathered on 30th September 2016 at the Engineering Faculty Boardroom, University of Moratuwa. Focused areas of the meeting were two new streams which are proposed to commence in the coming years, namely Biomedical and Sports Engineering and Building Services Engineering.

Following the welcome speech by Dr. H.K.G. Punchihewa, Head of The Department Dr. W.K. Wimalsiri enlightened the gathering about the current progress of DOME, emphasizing on research projects, industrial collaborations, student achievements, human resources and lab facilities. Brief introductions to the two new streams, Biomedical and Sports Engineering and Building Services Engineering were delivered by Dr. R.A.R.C. Gopura and Dr. M.M.I.D. Manthilake.

Industry experts representing more than 20 companies and the department academic staff had a combined discussion chaired by Prof. K.K.C.K. Perera, on possible improvements and opportunities for the proposed new streams and existing streams. The meeting concluded in a higher note with the conclusion of the discussion.

Collaboration between DOME and the industry is a definite lead to efficient and productive advancement in technological development of the country.


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"Our mission is to produce engineers and researchers with sound knowledge on fundamentals of traditional, modern and emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities, IT and managerial skills, which are essential to achieve sustainable national development."

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