The Arrival of students from University of Miyazaki

Evolvement of technology and determination of the generation was apprehended with arrival of five students from Miyazaki University, Prof. Hiroki Tamura, Department of Environmental Robotics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki, Japan and Mr. Goshiro Ushiroda, Chief at the Center for International Relations, University of Miyazaki, Japan. The day started with a panel discussion on student exchange program with Vice Chancellor Prof. A. K. W. Jayawardane, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. R. A. Attalage and senior lecturers of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and followed by a presentation on life at University of Miyazaki by Miyazaki undergraduates.

Development of technology is used for greater good of humankind and the world. Exceptional minds dig deep into roots of problems and look into those from different perspectives. Researches carried out by the students and lecturers of Mechanical Engineering Department were presented after the panel discussion. Research on negative pressure wound theory was explained by Lecturer W. P. D. Welgama and Mr. T. D. I. Udayanga briefed on tactile sensors for bio medical applications.

In the field of robotic rehabilitation therapy Mr. R.G. Thalagala’s research on upper limb exoskeleton robots for the betterment of bio medical science and MEMS based tactile sensors research were presented by Mr. A.H.T.E. De Silva.

It's not winning a prize but the joy of discovering things no one knew before.


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