Metrology Laboratory

The metrology Lab is one of the core facilities of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The laboratory extends its facilities on academic and research work in the areas of precision engineering and metrology at UOM. With a wide variety of high-end measuring instruments, the Metrology lab provides measurement services to the university community and the local industry

Being a subdivision of the Production Engineering Laboratory, the Metrology Lab provides undergraduates a fundamental knowledge of instrumentation and carries out relevant laboratory components of manufacturing course modules.


The laboratory includes wide variety of coordinate, dimension and surface finish metrology instrumentation. The entire unit is precisely maintained under careful conditions of 20 0C.


Facilities and Major Equipment: 

  • Contact and non-contact instrumentation to measure surface finish and form
  • Dimensional metrology instruments
  • Profile Projectors 


Academic Staff:
Technical officer:


Laboratory Attendant:
  • Mr. Ranjith Bandara

Contact Details: 

Please contact the technical officer for more information 
Phone: 011 2650621 Ext: 4055

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"Our mission is to produce engineers and researchers with sound knowledge on fundamentals of traditional, modern and emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities, IT and managerial skills, which are essential to achieve sustainable national development."

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