Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Laboratory


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory focuses on multidisciplinary academic and research work related to thermal comfort in building design, design and optimization of cooling and heating systems while facilitating undergraduate students to conduct essential experiments related to BSc Engineering course.   The lab concentrates on obtaining property/heat transfer data of refrigerants and is actively involved in aiding the local refrigeration and air-conditioning industry with the application and development of new refrigeration systems. 

The special services of the Laboratory workshop are extended to the entire university through installment, service and maintenance of all air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Facilities and Major Equipment: 


  • Commercial Refrigeration Training Units
  • Residual Air-Conditioning Training Boards
  • Heat Pump Apparatus



  • Prof. R.A. Attalge
  • Mr. Dilantha Silva (Chief Technical Officer)
  • Mr. Bandula Ranawansa (Lab Attendant)

Contact Details: 

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"Our mission is to produce engineers and researchers with sound knowledge on fundamentals of traditional, modern and emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities, IT and managerial skills, which are essential to achieve sustainable national development."

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  • Tel: +94 11 2650621 Ext: 4500, 4536