Postgraduate Course

University of Moratuwa Department of Mechanical Engineering provides the opportunity for post-graduate education to students who are willing to pursue higher studies in areas of manufacturing and energy disciplines. The objective of the postgraduate program is to prepare students for research and professional interventions in an era of rapid technological advancement. The programmes combine individual experience and competence with solid background in basic sciences and engineering. It strives to develop professional independence, creativity, leadership and ability to continue the professional and intellectual growth.  It also sensitises the students to the highest academic standards,  prepare graduate students for a career in engineering with transferable competencies in communication, teamwork and ethics and polishes them as professional individuals.

M.Eng./PG Diploma in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

M.Eng./PG Diploma in Energy Technology

M.Sc/PG Diploma in Building Services Engineering

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"Our mission is to produce engineers and researchers with sound knowledge on fundamentals of traditional, modern and emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities, IT and managerial skills, which are essential to achieve sustainable national development."

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