Last Update 28/12/2018

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Application Closing Date

25th of January 2019

Intake: 13

Program Commencement 24th of February 2019  
Target Group

Engineers, Technical officers, supervisors and technicians from industry or technical institutes and teachers of technical institutes  or any other interested personnel

Course Content

»  Introduction to Automation and PLC

»  Introduction to Siemens S7-200 PLC

»  Introduction to Inputs,  Outputs and I/O modules

»  Introduction to PLC programming with S7-200

»  Best practices of programming

»  Advance aspects of programming

»   Sub routine

»   Symbol table and data block

»   Advanced bit logic operations

»   Timers and counters

»   Use of memory words and variables

»   Comparison operations

»  Sensors and actuators

»  Introduction to Pneumatics and Electro-Pneumatics

»  Designing and programming of automation systems

»  Installing and wiring of S7-200 PLC

»  Troubleshooting of PLC based systems

»  Introduction to computerized data acquisition and visualization

Entry Requirement Degree, diploma, certificate from a recognized technical institute in Sri Lanka


Any other qualification acceptable to the selection committee with a minimum of 3 years relevant experience

Duration 07 Sundays

(From 8.00 AM to 5.15 PM)

Medium Sinhala
Course Fee Rs. 34,000 + 2.0% NBT  =


Program Schedule

16 lecture hours

40 practical hours


Introduction and the Scope

  • This program aims to empower the technical staff in the industry and tech-enthusiasts, with knowledge, experience, and the confidence in undertaking small to medium scale automation task.

  • The program better suited to beginners and intermediate skill level personnel.

  • The well-organized lecture and practical program starts from the fundamentals and expands gradually to real world application-designing giving the opportunity even to a novice programmer to enhance his/her skills, confidence and competency to handle industrial automation task successfully. Various teaching and learning methodologies are employed to create a very productive learning environment for the candidates..

  • Besides to PLC programming the participants are exposed to other important aspects like interfacing different types of sensors and actuators, troubleshooting of systems, etc. Further, designing of customized graphical data acquisition and control systems will be introduced. .

  • All the participants are assured with continuous technical/ educational support during practical program and lectures. A certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the training program.


 Selection is done on first come first served basis if the applicant is qualified.

  • Duly completed application forms along with the copies of educational certificates and a copy of the National Identity Card should be forwarded to the address given in the application form. Alternatively, the documents may be scanned to PDF format and email to :

  • Since the selection is done on first come first served basis if the applicant is qualified, a qualified applicant may not be selected for a particular intake that he/she applied for. However, such applicants will be given the priority in the next intake and they need not to re-apply.

  • A selection letter will be sent to all the selected applicants and no payment should be made until such a letter is received.



Mr. Priyantha Upul

Senior Technical Officer

Control Systems & Automation Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering



Office: 011 2650301 Ext. 4540

Mobile: 071 4185333

Course Coordinator :

Dr. Manoj Ranaweera

Senior Lecturer

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Moratuwa






Office: 011 2650301 Ext. 4521



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