Team SHARK With Green Lights For Formula Student Competition

With the determination of improving the world through engineering, Institution of Mechanical Engineers encourages student teams from all around the world to compete in Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition, “Formula Student”.Student teams are challenged to design and build a Formula type single seat racing car, followed by FSAE rules and regulations specified for Formula Student Competition. More than 100 student teams from 30 odd countries head towards Silverstone, UK every year to unleash their potential. Successful completion of racing cars are judged  by the judges  and some high profile engineers under a variety of static and dynamic events including design, acceleration, fuel economy, endurance, and cost.

Formula Students Competition is held under the observation of external representatives from renowned international automotive firms.Talented members of competing student teams are recruited by automotive firms annually and members of past Formula Student teams are now actively engaged in designing the future of automobile industry.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Team SHARK which consists of undergraduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Moratuwa is ready to roll in this fascinating competition with the aspiration to set Sri Lanka higher in the automotive industry and enlighten capabilities of students in the Department.

Advancement of the project up to now isimpressive.First,a car was modeled using Solidworks following FSAE rules. In order to analyze the stresses developed, chassis was simulated using FEA tools in Solidworks. After analyzing, materials for the components were decided and tests were carried out using laboratory facilities in the University to ensure the suitability of selections.Team SHARK has won attention of various internal and external supportive personals and has a strong back bone supported by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Building the chassis has been finished with the support of donators towards the project, but there is a long ride ahead and Team SHARK is looking for potential external parties to join hands with this unique project. Time has come to reveal the quality of Sri Lankan intelligence and technological advancement. All the best Team SHARK to a successful ride in Formula Student Competition 2016.

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